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cliente: fósforo editora


ilustração para o livro "águas-vivas não têm ouvidos", de adèle rosenfeld.

client: fósforo editora

illustration for the cover of the brazilian edition of "les meduses n’ont pas d’oreilles" (adèle rosenfeld).


from the "behind the scenes" section of fósforo editora newsletter, author's feedback about the artist's illustration

"have you seen the cover of the book 'les meduses n’ont pas d’oreilles'? the illustrator of the cover is the artist ing lee, who tells a little about her creative process and the reading of this book on the Fósforo networks. ing lee is hard of hearing, like the protagonist, louise, and the author of the book, adèle rosenfeld.
adèle rosenfeld wrote to tell us what she thought of the brazilian cover of her book: "i am absolutely delighted with the cover, it is beautiful! ing lee's work is excellent, she has concentrated several key elements of the novel with elegance, imagination and has transcribed very well this mixture of strangeness and concreteness that inhabits the novel. i really like the whole cover design."

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